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For more than two decades Bali has been a major international tourist destination and it has now matured as a meeting and convention venue.

Indonesia's paradise island provides one of the world's most interesting and exotic environments for a business gathering.

Against a backdrop of excellent beaches and spectacular scenery, the graceful Balinese proudly maintain and uphold their unique culture. There are festivals all year round and everywhere the haunting sounds of gamelan music can be heard.

The principal meeting and convention area is the Nusa Dua district where the Bali International Convention Centre is supported by an impressive variety of live star resorts.

However, the adjoining areas of Kuta, Sanur, Tuban and Jimbaran are also well catered for with luxury hotels.

In fact, all of Bali's premium hotels and resorts feature dedicated meeting and convention facilities.

The island's marketers are packing more options and innovations into their products, making them as easy to buy as conventional holiday packages.

Meetings and conventions can be adapted to suit any number of themes, from a Sultan's palace, to a traditional Balinese market or a futuristic city of the year 3000.

The major venues can also transform themselves into simulated business environments, where new business concepts, product lines and sales techniques can be road tested.

Or perhaps you would prefer to conduct your business over golf, tennis, diving, rafting or trekking; together with outstanding food and entertainment?

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